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All Saints Window Display, Victoria Quarter, Leeds

Reiss Autumn/Winter 09/10 - Knitwear

Design Project, University of Leeds
Sample of work completed.

Trend Research: 'Nighthawk' and the city of York.

Trend images from Textile View magazine, collection imgaes from, York images are my own photographs.

Nighthawk Analysis:

There is a slightly gothic but modern look to this men’s knitwear trend from Textile View Magazine. The haunted image of a tree is lifeless and isolated; its lack of leaves and colour creates bleakness but also mystery and the winding branches create interesting forms. There is a dominance of purple tones which allude to wealth and opulence, and the intricate lace knit adds a refined delicacy. The lustre and drape of the velvet pictured imbues a sense of luxury, and the suggestion of plush and velour yarns incorporates this.
This trend has a fairly simplistic palette which creates a canvas for detailing in the structure and texture of garments. Greyish purples, as mentioned, allude to luxury, but also create an otherworldliness in their hazy tones. Deep dark red adds intensity and allure, whilst black punctuates. Overall the palette offers softened masculinity.
The influence of intricate detail and pattern is evidently strong within the trend. The spindly branches of the tree could be translated to filigree-like embellishment or winding patterning within the knit created by Fair Isle design. Lace-like knit could create radical designs meant to be layered, or be employed to trim necklines and cuffs with subtle but attractive detail. Texture implied by the image composed of bead-like units could be achieved through unusual incorporation of moss stitch and differently proportioned rib. Garment shapes could range from close-fitting roll necks to oversized jumpers and cardigans in a relatively fine gauge knit for layering to individualise the look.
This trend is suitable for a man who appreciates detail that is used to enhance design and is looking for luxury. Although elements of this trend are not entirely compatible, I would say overall this trend would be suited to Reiss. There is an emphasis on sumptuous texture which is ideal, and fine detail executed in subtlety which would create timelessly stylish pieces that are highly desirable to the Reiss customer.

Design Work: Focus mens knitwear.

Reiss Autumn/Winter 09/10 - Menswear

Design Project, University of Leeds.
Selection of Work Completed.

Trend Research: 'Southern Comfort' and the city of York.

Trend images from, collection images from, York images are my own photographs.

Southern Comfort Analysis:
Southern Comfort has a suave and sophisticated aesthetic which gives the modern man a traditional re-styling. The ‘Southern Gentleman’ theme calls for opulence and grandeur and the images for this trend reveal a confidence with wealth and power. The attention to the fine things of life, such as silk and lace are less about affectations and more of a declaration of sophistication and knowledge of the world. They are a display of wealth which exudes confidence and masculine charm. They show a gracious geniality, both courteous and charming. However, underneath there is all the nobility, grit and tenacity admired by male and female alike. The Southern gentleman is seeking the aristocratic status of the traditional European upper class with its apparent ease of manner and its comfort with expensive and luxurious fabrics. However it delivers a modern twist which is more playful and colourful, free from the rigours of years of tradition that hamper innovation.
The colour palette is a variety of muted pinks and blues which are also mixed to provide heather tones of mauve and muddy purples, purple being a colour often associated with wealth and luxury. Earthy greens and browns are also present and reference the masculinity of the trend. They combine in fabrics to offer complementary warm checks, luxurious silks and dapper outerwear.
The clothes for this look demand tailoring. They should define broad shoulders above a narrow waist. Long jackets offer an elongated masculine body shape and both single and double breasted fronts work as part of this look. Lapels could be accentuated by construction in velvet or satin, referencing tuxedo luxury. Overcoats which are tailored but thigh – length would offer slick style as well as practicality. Shorter coats would also be effective and show a narrow trouser shape. Accessories such as ties, cravats, scarves and gloves of luxurious material in sumptuous designs reflect the trend well and would add opulence. They set off the more traditional lapelled suit with both slip and flap pockets. Waistcoats can add a further layer of tailoring and can be collared to blend in with this look.
The man who takes this look is confident in his position of wealth. He shows self discipline in the restrained colour combinations, but can wear more than one busy feature at a time. He offers an air of refinement and taste, always seeking the best.
Design Work: Focus on men's shirts.

Reiss Autumn/Winter 09/10 - Womenswear

Design Project: University of Leeds
Sample of work produced

Trend Research: 'Scarytale' and the city of York.

Trend images from, collection images from and, York images are my own photographs.

Scarytale Analysis:

Scarytale presents us with a distorted vision of a child’s fairytale. It is warped, almost to the point of being grotesque but this strangeness inspires shadowy glamour and an ethereal sense of luxury. There is a focus on black magic which suggests trickery and deception; things are not always what they seem so expect the unexpected. Pigs heads atop female bodies and disfigured dolls illustrate the sinister and distorted aesthetic which dominates the trend, but from this twisted fairytale a quirky, unspoken beauty can be drawn. Illustrations of Alice in Wonderland introduce innocence and emphasise the playfulness of this twisted world and its preoccupation with the bizarre. Church graveyards, ghostly woods and ominous birds show the influence of the gothic on this trend. The sense of horror and danger enriches the trend, but instead of playing victim, the woman herself is to be feared. The classic damsel in distress stereotype is abandoned and the woman is an alluring siren empowered within this dark fantasy.
The colour palette includes mystifying blues which have an alien quality. Ghostly tones of grey and green dominate much of the palette. They give a vaporous effect in lightweight translucent fabrics creating an other-worldliness, perhaps suggesting the aura of the wearer. Warmer colours such as rust and ginger add depth. Plum and deep red imbue the type of glamour associated with vampires. These gothic hues come together to provide a dramatic selection that is both moody and mysterious.
The element of distortion central to this trend translates to silhouettes of unusual proportions, which challenge expectations. Voluminous skirts achieved through bubble hems, layering and tiered styles create a dramatic impact which is fitting. Shoulders can be accentuated for an imposing, otherworldly look with sleeves which are manipulated with gathers and padding, or reshaped to take on a squared, boxy structure which looks as if it binds the wearer. Peculiar proportions can also be achieved through very gothic, slim-line, floor length skirts. These elongate the body shape to the extreme and suggest a playful reference to Morticia Adams.
I have included a corresponding trend from Textile View Magazine alongside the Scarytale trend from It is entitled ‘Dark Romance’, and the name alone echoes the concepts found within Scarytale. Dark Romance has the same focus on the gothic look; black dominates and textures such as lace, ‘spider web knits’ and jacquards are suggested which add rich detail but also suggest mystery in their subtlety.
Scarytale is for a woman who embraces individuality and is not afraid to go against the norm. The bizarre aesthetic this trend strives towards belongs to a playful character who is also sophisticated enough for the luxe glamour it inspires. I therefore think Scarytale is well suited to Reiss and its target market. Its slick and sleek identity would take on this gothic twist well for a contemporary and exciting range. The sumptuousness of this mystifying and bizarre inspiration suggests female empowerment which suits the confident and strong woman Reiss caters to.

Design work: Focus on women's coats and jackets.

Monsoon Spring/Summer 09

Research and Design Project: University of Leeds
Sample of work completed.

Brand and Shop Research: Monsoon
Images include own photographs and promotional material from

Trend Research: Transform Spring/Summer 09Trend from, Catwalk images collected from

Design work:

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Inspiration: Converge

Mood Board
Design Project: Comme des Garcons
Collaboration with Farah Hussain.

Design Work

Working Drawings
Falling... Design Project: Comme des Garcons
Collection Title: Converge

Reiss A/W 2009/2010 Opulent Gentleman

Menswear Moodboard and Fabric Board

Collaboration with Lauren Price and Emma Powell.

Reiss A/W 2009/2010 Architectural Allure

Knitwear Moodboard and Fabric Board.

Collaboration with Lauren Price and Emma Powell.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Inspiration: Falling

Think? Freefall, plummeting, thrill-seeking, spontaneous, LIVE.

Image from POP magazine, Autumn Issue September '08.
Photography: Ryan McGinley.
Fashion Editor: Katie Grand.

Farmer Johnson

A Level Project: 'Organic' inspired corset. Detail includes appliqued woven raffia panel, tea-dyed cotton and linen.

Location : Horseshoe Farm, Alderly Edge
Photography and Styling: Victoria Pugh
Model: Cassie Johnson

Curriculum Vitae

Victoria Pugh

Personal Profile
I am a lively and motivated fashion student currently in my second year of study at the University of Leeds. I am thoroughly enjoying the course which gives me exciting opportunities and has an academic focus on which I thrive. I am excited by the creative world and am eager to utilise this passion to tackle the commercial and creative challenges within the fashion industry. I am self-motivated and apply myself to tasks with enthusiasm and hard work. I work well alone, as is shown by my exam success, but also value the diversity of working with a team towards a common goal and have achieved success working to briefs with fellow-students. I have a passion for literature which was fuelled by my studies at A Level, and I also love to travel. Most recently I visited the captivating city of Istanbul; I was fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of the ancient city bridging the gap between East and West.

Education and Qualifications

University of Leeds: September 2008 – Present

· BA Fashion Design
- Year 1: Design & Development, Garment Technology, History and Theory of Art and Design, Fundamentals of Imaging, Patterns & Culture, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Art and Literature in Renaissance and Medieval Italy.
- Year 2 (to date): Design Development & Portfolio, Garment Technology 2, Digital Design, Design Theory, 20th Century Fashion.

Wilmslow High School: September 2001 – June 2008

· June 2008 - A2 Levels:
Biology (A), Product Design: Textiles (A), English Lit (B)
· June 2007 – AS Levels:
Critical Thinking (B), Psychology (B)

· June 2006 – GCSEs:
Science Double Award (A*A*), German (A*), Maths (A*), Textile Technology (A*), English Lang. (A), English Lit. (A), History (A), Art Graphics (B)

Key Skills

· Confident with CAD software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and Lectra Kaledo Style and Print.
· Strong practical experience in pattern cutting and garment construction using industrial machinery.
· Confident approach and keen understanding of trend research and analysis.
· A commercial perspective on the industry gained through regular research on industry websites and critical review of relevant magazines.
· Ability to present to a high standard both verbally and visually.
· Clear understanding of the contexts of design.
· Conscientious worker with a positive approach to problem solving.
· Keen to work within a team to achieve the best results.

Work Experience

· Oct 2006 -Jul 2007
Customer Assistant, Sainsbury’s plc, Wilmslow

Volunteer Work

· Sept 2006 – June 2008
Networking /Peer Mentoring, Wilmslow High School

· July 2007 – November 2007
Organiser for Charity Fashion Show in aid of Cancer Research

Wilmslow High School Charity Fashion Show 2007/2008

Monday, 9 November 2009

Reiss A/W 2009/2010 Eerie Trepidation

Womenswear Moodboard and Fabric Board

Collaboration with Lauren Price and Emma Powell .