Saturday, 28 November 2009

Reiss Autumn/Winter 09/10 - Knitwear

Design Project, University of Leeds
Sample of work completed.

Trend Research: 'Nighthawk' and the city of York.

Trend images from Textile View magazine, collection imgaes from, York images are my own photographs.

Nighthawk Analysis:

There is a slightly gothic but modern look to this men’s knitwear trend from Textile View Magazine. The haunted image of a tree is lifeless and isolated; its lack of leaves and colour creates bleakness but also mystery and the winding branches create interesting forms. There is a dominance of purple tones which allude to wealth and opulence, and the intricate lace knit adds a refined delicacy. The lustre and drape of the velvet pictured imbues a sense of luxury, and the suggestion of plush and velour yarns incorporates this.
This trend has a fairly simplistic palette which creates a canvas for detailing in the structure and texture of garments. Greyish purples, as mentioned, allude to luxury, but also create an otherworldliness in their hazy tones. Deep dark red adds intensity and allure, whilst black punctuates. Overall the palette offers softened masculinity.
The influence of intricate detail and pattern is evidently strong within the trend. The spindly branches of the tree could be translated to filigree-like embellishment or winding patterning within the knit created by Fair Isle design. Lace-like knit could create radical designs meant to be layered, or be employed to trim necklines and cuffs with subtle but attractive detail. Texture implied by the image composed of bead-like units could be achieved through unusual incorporation of moss stitch and differently proportioned rib. Garment shapes could range from close-fitting roll necks to oversized jumpers and cardigans in a relatively fine gauge knit for layering to individualise the look.
This trend is suitable for a man who appreciates detail that is used to enhance design and is looking for luxury. Although elements of this trend are not entirely compatible, I would say overall this trend would be suited to Reiss. There is an emphasis on sumptuous texture which is ideal, and fine detail executed in subtlety which would create timelessly stylish pieces that are highly desirable to the Reiss customer.

Design Work: Focus mens knitwear.


  1. Great post. Very interesting info on mens knitwear.

  2. I love the inspiration for your knitwear project, I'm doing something similar with my knit project using architecture...take a look at my blog!